Motion Sensors

BEA Eagle - motion sensor for automatic sliding doors
BEA Eagle - motion sensor for automatic sliding doors
Optex i-oneX T - active infrared door sensor with large motion detection pattern for automatic sliding doors

Motion sensors can be used for activation or safety for automatic doors. Entrematic has chosen motion sensors that are compatible with its door systems.

BEA Eagle

BEA's Eagle family of motion sensors is designed for the activation of automatic pedestrian doors. It's compatible with swing or sliding doors. It has the ability to detect approaching traffic while ignoring motion moving away from the door.

Optex i-oneX T

The Optex i-oneX T is a combination motion and safety sensor for sliding doors. It has a wide detection area that covers the door opening plus sidelights, providing fast detection for traffic approaching from any angle. As long as someone is in the detection area, the sensor will keep the door in the open position until the area is cleared.

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