Entrematic Introduces a Touch-Free Entrance Solution to Meet the Needs of an Ever Changing World


Entrematic aims to assist businesses in minimizing touchpoints as they reopen with a convenient and easy to install automatic door operator.

Entrematic has built a legacy of creating reliable, durable, energy-efficient and quiet automatic swing door operators. And now Entrematic offers a new tech-responsive addition to their lineup: the Ditec HA7.

This ultramodern automatic door operator is up to 50% smaller than standard low energy operators and offers a sleeker appeal. The HA7 is available in a choice of clear or bronze anodized finishes, is app-responsive, requires less energy and presents itself as an eco-friendly option for interior doorways while still meeting functional demand.

The technology is affordable and easy to install with the option of simply plugging into a standard 120 vac wall outlet, and offers many features and functions found in larger automatic door operators. The HA7 is a necessary tool to usher in touch-free and hygienic solutions to meet current demands. 

“As the world changes around us, it’s become even more important to be able to provide hands-free swing door convenience, quickly” says Sandro Cocuzzoli, General Manager for Entrematic Canada. “The Ditec HA7 requires a minimal amount of clearance, meaning it can literally fit in doorways that otherwise would not have been candidates for automation. And since it doesn’t require a professional electrician for installation, it’s that much easier to get going.”

The Ditec HA7 will be available through North American distributors.

For more information visit https://www.enteranewera.com.