Ditec Introduces New Line of Sliding Doors


DS20, DS20H and DS10 Arriving in 2021

Entrematic North America is excited to introduce its new line of sliding door packages including the Ditec DS20, DS20H hurricane rated slider and the DS10 smoke rated manual slider.

The Ditec DS20 will replace the discontinued DS18D sliding door packages. The motor, control, power supply and belt will remain the same, but other new features of the DS20 include:

  • Smooth 8” header, which includes a 1” sensor cap (92” height).
  • Bottom rails available in 4”, 7” and 10”. The 10” rail is one piece.
  • Carrier wheel assembly has anti-riser tabs that snap up and down to easily remove door panels.
  • New three-piece threshold (with or with out ramps).
  • Fully integrated thresholds for telescopic applications.
  • Surface mount configurations now available with full breakout.
  • Wire chase on cover and in the slider body routessensor wires for cleaner install.
  • Detachable cover.
  • Removable top track for easy replacement.
  • Key switch is prepped in the jamb at the factory.
  • Smaller telescopic size at 108” (vs 120”).
  • 1/4” sloped glass stops.

The Ditec DS20H is a hurricane rated slider available in Level D impact or non-impact configurations, and is primarily used for hurricane prone regions or areas that experience high wind loads. The DS20H is designed to withstand 75 PSF and has been tested to comply with Florida Building Code standards (Florida Product Approval FL#33056). It will be available in fixed sidelite and full breakout configurations with max height at 96” x 16’ wide for the bi-part, and 96” x 102” for the single slide.

The Ditec DS10 manual slider is available in UL smoke rated, two-panel single-slide and three-panel telescopic, and offers reliable performance for many healthcare applications. The DS10 offers customers more options to choose from including magnetic hold open for self-closing, 1” wide jambs for more clear door opening space and an anti-static system to reduce unwanted electrostatic discharges.

Customers in the US can start placing orders in December for January 2021 deliveries, while customers in Canada can start placing orders in January 2021. Visit the product pages for additional details.