Ditec DS18D Sliding Door System is Now Available


New Slider Replaces Discontinued DS18C

Entrematic North America is now quoting the Ditec DS18D sliding door system. With the Ditec DS18D customers will receive the same reliable performance they've become accustomed to, but with some added features.

Some of the new features include:

  • 75w motor for maintaining a fast & smooth opening while lowering energy consumption
  • Sensor connectors are pre-wired for quick plug & play operation as well as a labor time-savings
  • Four carrier wheels per panel for smooth performance and heavier panel weights (250 lb/panel)
  • Stronger 1.9” long anti-riser with groove in wheel provides multiple points of contact for better protection against derailment as well as keeping dust & debris from getting trapped in the groove
  • Built-in track for less parts and quieter operation
  • Lower cost battery back-up option in the event of power failure
  • Complies with all new monitoring regulations for ANSI 156.10
  • 1” glass stops available
  • Low cost of ownership